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The team has taken portion in the generating and revising of ISO/TC100 global chain standard many years in good results and hosted the sixteenth ISO/TC100 International yearly assembly in 2004. ensures the balance and consistency of the key perform of parts. The item properly shows environmental security and energy conserving.

Diametric EPTT Sintered NdFeB EPTs

Neodymium magnet offer you the strongest magnetic EPTT nowadays. They are specifically suitable for high quantity production in a wide variety of shape and dimensions. Exact dimensional manage is attained in machining procedures.

1. Apps of Neodymium EPTs
EPTs, turbines, sensors, sEPTers, earphones and other musical devices, magnetic treatment products, magnetic chuck, magnetic bearings and couplings, ndfeb pot magnet and other magnetic applications.

2. Grade of Neodymium EPTs

Sintered NdFeB EPT
Quality Residual Induction (Br) Coercive Pressure (Hcb) Intrinsic Coercive Drive (Hcj) Max JCEP Solution (BH)max Max Doing work Temp.
T kGs kA/m kOe kA/m kOe Kj/m sup3 MGOe ( degC)
N35 one.17-one.22 ge868 ge10.9 ge955 ge12 263-287 33-36 80
N38 1.22-1.twenty five twelve.two-twelve.5 ge899 ge11.three ge955 ge12 287-310 36-39 80
N40 one.25-1.28 12.5-twelve.8 ge907 ge11.4 ge955 ge12 302-326 38-41 eighty
N42 one.28-1.32 12.eight-13.two ge915 ge11.five ge955 ge12 318-342 40-43 80
N45 one.32-1.38 thirteen.two-thirteen.eight ge923 ge11.6 ge955 ge12 342-366 forty three-forty six eighty
N48 1.38-one.forty two 13.8-14.2 ge923 ge11.six ge955 ge12 366-390 46-forty nine 80
N50 1.40-1.forty five 14.-fourteen.5 ge796 ge10 ge876 ge11 374-406 47-fifty one 60
N52 1.43-1.forty eight 14.3-fourteen.8 ge796 ge10 ge876 ge11 390-422 49-fifty three 60
N35M one.17-one.22 eleven.7-12.2 ge868 ge10.nine ge1114 ge14 263-287 33-36 a hundred
N38M 1.22-1.25 twelve.2-twelve.five ge899 ge11.3 ge1114 ge14 287-310 36-39 one hundred
N40M one.twenty five-1.28 twelve.5-12.eight ge923 ge11.six ge1114 ge14 302-326 38-41 100
N42M one.28-1.32 12.8-thirteen.two ge955 ge12 ge1114 ge14 318-342 40-43 one hundred
N45M 1.32-1.38 13.2-thirteen.eight ge955 ge12.five ge1114 ge14 342-366 forty three-46 100
N48M one.37-1.43 ge1571 ge12.9 ge1114 ge14 366-390 forty six-forty nine one hundred
N50M 1.forty-1.45 fourteen.-fourteen.5 ge1033 ge13 ge1114 ge14 382-406 forty eight-51 100
N35H one.seventeen-1.22 eleven.7-twelve.two ge868 ge10.9 ge1353 ge17 263-287 33-36 one hundred twenty
N38H 1.22-1.25 12.2-12.five ge899 ge11.three ge1353 ge seventeen 287-310 36-39 120
N40H 1.25-1.28 twelve.five-12.eight ge923 ge11.6 ge1353 ge17 302-326 38-41 120
N42H one.28-1.32 12.8-13.2 ge955 ge12 ge1353 ge17 318-342 forty-43 120
N45H 1.32-1.36 13.two-13.six ge963 ge1353 ge seventeen 326-358 43-46 one hundred twenty
N48H one.37-one.43 13.7-14.three ge995 ge12.five ge1353 ge17 366-390 forty six-forty nine one hundred twenty
N35SH 1.17-1.22 eleven.7-twelve.2 ge876 ge11 ge1592 ge20 263-287 33-36 150
N38SH 1.22-one.25 12.two-twelve.5 ge907 ge11.four ge1592 ge20 287-310 36-39 a hundred and fifty
N40SH 1.25-1.28 12.5-12.eight ge939 ge11.8 ge1592 ge20 302-326 38-forty one a hundred and fifty
N42SH one.28-one.32 12.8-13.two ge987 ge12.4 ge1592 ge20 318-342 40-43 a hundred and fifty
N45SH 1.32-one.38 thirteen.two-13.eight ge1003 ge12.6 ge1592 ge20 342-366 43-46 150
N28UH one.04-108 10.4-ten.eight ge764 ge9.six ge1990 ge25 207-231 26-29 a hundred and eighty
N30UH one.08-1.thirteen ten.8-11.3 ge812 ge10.2 ge1990 ge25 223-247 28-31 180
N33UH one.13-one.17 eleven.three-11.7 ge852 ge10.7 ge1990 ge25 247-271 31-34 180
N35UH one.seventeen-1.22 ge860 ge10.8 ge1990 ge25 263-287 33-36 a hundred and eighty
N38UH 1.22-one.25 twelve.two-12.five ge876 ge11 ge1990 ge25 287-310 36-39 one hundred eighty
N40UH 1.twenty five-one.28 twelve.5-12.eight ge899 ge11.three ge1990 ge25 302-326 38-forty one a hundred and eighty
N42UH one.28-one.32 twelve.8-13.2 ge899 ge11.3 ge1990 ge25 318-342 40-forty three one hundred eighty
N28EH 1.04-1.08 ten.four-ten.eight ge780 ge9.eight ge2388 ge30 207-231 26-29 200
N30EH 1.08-1.13 ten.8-11.three ge812 ge10.2 ge2388 ge30 223-247 28-31 two hundred
N33EH 1.thirteen-1.17 eleven.3-eleven.7 ge836 ge10.5 ge2388 ge30 247-271 31-34 200
N35EH one.17-1.22 ge876 ge11 ge2388 ge30 263-287 33-36 200
N38EH one.22-one.twenty five twelve.2-12.5 ge899 ge11.3 ge2388 ge30 287-310 36-39 two hundred
N40EH 1.twenty five-1.28 12.5-12.8 ge899 ge11.three ge2388 ge30 302-326 38-41 200
N28AH 1.04-1.08 ten.4-10.8 ge787 ge9.nine ge2624 ge33 207-231 26-29 230
N30AH one.08-one.13 ten.eight-11.3 ge819 ge10.3 ge2624 ge33 223-247 28-31 230
N33AH one.13-1.17 11.3-eleven.7 ge843 ge10.six ge2624 ge33 247-271 31-34 230
N35AH 1.17-1.22 11.7-12.2 ge876 ge11 ge2624 ge33 263-287 33-36 230
N38AH 1.22-one.25 twelve.two-12.five ge899 ge11.three ge2624 ge33 287-310 36-39 230

3. Form of Neodymium EPT

4. Coating of Neodymium EPTs
Ni, ni-cu-ni, zn(cr3 ), tin, epoxy, ni-ag, ni-au, passivation, parylene, and so forth.

five. Measurement of Neodymium EPTs
EPTT dimensions for every your specifications.

6. Certification

seven. Our rewards

A: Over 10 several years in manufacturing magnets and over 4 years as a EPT supplier on Alibaba
B: As a provider of EPT Ltd Australia, GM, BMW, BENTLEY, and REGAL BELOIT in European, we are really seasoned in handle top quality, solve problems and choose magnet resources.
C: The price tag will be more competive as we have our very own manufacturing unit.
D: We have numerous grade supplies in our inventory to assist you to allow the direct time shorter.

eight. About us:

HangEPT SDM EPTics EPTT, Ltd. Is one particular of the professional manufacturers of long lasting magnets in EPTT. With an experienced team, SDM is EPTTized in generating a variety of sorts of everlasting magnets, incXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. Sintered amp Bonded NdFeB, Cast amp Sintered Alnico, Sintered SmCo EPTs and pertinent EPTic Assemblies such as pump couplings and EPTT gadgets.
In orEPTTto fulfill our customer’s needs, SDM focuses on quality management with steady improvements on all manufacturing procedures and supplies the most aggressive charges dependent on domestic methods. EPTT magnets are alwaEPTTavailable listed here.
After successful marketing, our merchandise are presented to clients such as GM, BMW, BENTLEY, JCEP and REGAL BELOIT in European, North and South The us and Asia-JCEP marketplaces. Our magnets are broadly utilized in magnetic motors, automotive devices, health-related equipments, wind-EPTT technology, aerospace and navy EPTT.
We are positioned in HangEPT, near to the ZheJCEP air port and harbor. Targeted traffic is hassle-free. We would like new and previous close friends from all walks of life to get in touch with us for EPT organization relationships and mutual success!

1: How EPTT will you give me the reply?
We will get in touch with you in twelve hours as before long as we can.
2: Could I get samples?
Yes, we have resources in stock to help you to get the samples as shortly as we can.
3: How about the top quality of the magnets?
We have the certification of ISO, TS and ROSH, we could ship the certification check of our firm to you.
four: How is the price tag?
As we think the top quality is the most EPTTant, we will give the ideal top quality magnet we can with realistic cost.
5: Could you supply me the shortest lead time?
We have supplies in our stock, if you truly need to have, you can notify us and we will try out our ideal to satisfy you.
6: Could I pay a visit to your manufacturing unit?
Of training course, if you need to have we will help you to visit our factory.
seven: If I have paid, when will you help me to produce?
When we have EPTd the income in our account, we will give you the receipt and prepare to produce right away.

  in Queretaro Mexico  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Diametric Customized Sintered NdFeB Magnets manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler


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